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Auroris OCT: Lazar Spica by CoryKatze Auroris OCT: Lazar Spica by CoryKatze

---- C H A R A C T E R   I N F O R M A T I O N ----

Lazar Spica, commonly goes by Laz or Dr. Spica


Gender Identity:



 Pharmacist—On the weekends, Laz helps distribute prescriptions to those that need them. He’s very serious about this work and gets irritated when people don’t take their meds.
Mathematics Teacher—On the weekdays, Laz teaches general mathematics classes to children ranging between 10 and 16 years of age. He’s a stern teacher, but he does truly care about the education of his students. He gets frustrated when student don’t take his class seriously.

  A no-nonsense type of man all-around, it’s easy to be intimidated by Laz when you first meet him. Even after a few years, this might not change, especially if he doesn’t like you all that much. Serious and aloof, he doesn’t make friends easily, especially not with his peers. Where he does find people to get along with, however, it’s in the classroom. He enjoys teaching others and he easily warms up to students that try hard in their studies. Those that get to know him understand when he’s being friendly even though it’s still a rather reserved emotion for him.

His patience is without bounds when dealing with students but dealing with adults (especially entitled ones or ones that are full of themselves) puts him on edge and he has no reason to mince words with them. Because of this, Laz’s friends are few but those that he does get attached to are friends-for-life to him and he’s extremely protective of them, though he may not always express it.

+ Teaching

+ Willing Students

+ Samuel

+ Probably math

- People that refuse to take their drugs

- Orange Juice

- Oranges in general

- Class clowns

 Son of two mechanics, he lost his parents at an early age to an accident that happened when they were doing exterior ship repairs together. He was without any extended family as well and was a rare orphan in a society that didn’t often experience many casualties. He was raised by foster parents but he never really connected with them, and he was a very withdrawn child until he was gifted a Helioptile which encouraged him to open up. He liked school while attending it and decided early on that he wanted to help people as a pharmacist. Only a year into his profession, however, he realized that he very much did not like a lot of the people he was helping and he quickly took up teaching instead which he found to be much more fulfilling. He held onto his pharmacy job as well, however, because he did like it, but he cut it down to weekends. Days since have been generally the same until the recent accident had turned his entire world on its head.

Samuel Avery—Significant Other—Presumed Deceased—Friend and lover for many years, Laz is extremely close and attached to Samuel though he doesn’t express it outwardly often. As a farmer, Samuel was in the lower sections of the ship when the accident happened. Laz still clings to hope that he is alive.

Additional Notes: Very decent singing voice, he wanted to do that when he grew up but he found himself much more suited to teaching. No he will not sing for you.

Will threaten to feed rowdy students to his Heliolisk.

Loathes oranges.


---- P O K E M O N ----

Name: Barachiel “Rache”




 Dry Skin


 Parabolic Charge—Thunder Wave—Thunderbolt—Flash  

 Nearly as old as his trainer, Rache is big, old, and in no mood to put up with most of anyone. He is, however, extremely attached to his trainer and dutifully follows whatever order he gives. He was a fighter in his younger days when both pokemon and trainer were a bit more rambunctious. These days Rache mostly just sleeps under Laz’s desk.

 Enjoys soaking in water for hours on end.

virtualysis Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
eyyyy mathematics
That heliolisk is gorgeous.
zip-e Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"oranges in general" 

REALLY THOUGH i really love this character......... damn
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