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December 5, 2013
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PMA - Eilam by CoryKatze PMA - Eilam by CoryKatze

  • Name: Eilam
  • Pokemon: Xatu
  • Birthday: 11 November
  • Age:48
  • Level: 72
  • Gender: Male
  • Sexuality: Demisexual
  • Ability: Magic Bounce
  • Faction: Ursa

  • Father: Wild Xatu
  • Mother: Wild Xatu
  • Siblings: 3 other Natu
  • Romantic Partner: --
  • Offspring: --

Pokemon Stats
  • Miracle Eye
  • Future Sight
  • Psychic
  • Wish

Battle Stats:
Attack: :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
Defense: :star-half::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
Speed: :star::star::star::star::star-empty:
Sp. Attack: :star::star::star::star::star-half:
Sp. Defense: :star::star::star::star-half::star-empty:

PokeHuman Stats

Occupation: Employee at Herboriste—he deals less with customers and more with the finding and preparing of herbal medicines. Finding the necessary ingredients is easier when you can fly around the world on your own accord.

Town of Residence: Lumiose City - rents a room in a house

Appearance: Eilam is quickly edging into the realm of “old man”, both as a Pokemon and as a human. In human-form, he stands at around 5’8” and is slender and meager in build. His skin is weathered and is of a darker complexion. His eyes were red once, but have since been reduced to a blank, pinkish color as years of meditating by watching the sun has rendered him completely blind.

His hair is a dark grey, with the sides whitening in his age. Throughout it, however, are flecks of red that hint at a less than human lineage.  Being curly, his hair is often left to its own devices as it’s near impossible to keep tamed down. The same is to be said for his sparse stubble which he has given up on trying on keeping shaved off.

His wardrobe consists of modest and practical clothing—mostly slacks, comfortable shoes, and collared shirts with sweaters or sweater-vests worn over top of them. The ugliness of said sweaters varies from grandpa to Fair Isle gone wrong. He doesn’t like to be cold, so he almost exclusively wears long sleeves—if he gets hot he’ll just roll them up. Easy.

Height: 5'8"


Personality: Quiet – Inquisitive – Meticulous – Dependable – Neurotic – Blunt
Eilam is an overall mysterious being and perhaps more optimistic folk will hope that he is a rather kind individual once he warms up to you. This couldn’t be any farther from the truth. To those that he is distant with—basically everyone—he is reserved towards. Though he is often quiet, it doesn’t mean that he has nothing to say. Do something stupid and he’ll be sure to point it out so that you may improve on your behavior for future encounters with him.

When dealing with anything, he likes to follow a process with absolute perfection and he prefers if everyone else would do the same. He’s near obsessive in this way and he needs everything to be sorted and organized. He puts on a very calm and collected front, but this can be easily torn down if his little world is disrupted in any way—in which he quickly becomes flustered, anxious, and irritable.

He is a bit unfeeling to the emotions of others and often speaks without thinking the consequences of his words through. He doesn’t sugar-coat his opinion and is destructively honest with others, especially if they ask for it. He believes that just lying to people is a waste of everyone’s time.

His friends are few and far between but to them he has learned to keep his tongue in check, at least by a slight margin. To those that have not wronged him, he is surprisingly dependable and if he makes a promise to you, you can be sure that he’ll follow through.

One thing he can’t honestly get enough of is knowledge. He does absolutely love knew information and history and theories and if you have interesting enough stories to tell you can be sure that Eilam will listen. When he’s bored, even the most mundane of stories will do. If you don’t want his opinion, don’t ask for it—he’s a very quiet listener and he actually makes a pretty easy target for venting to as long as you don’t mind him being completely motionless while he listens.

History: Born to Xatu parents in the Ruins of Alph of the Johto region, Eilam grew up quietly remaining with his parents and his siblings until he evolved and was capable of flying. As a fledgling, he spent a great deal of time hopping about the ruins and finding himself staring at the engravings for hours on end. Few trainers ever ventured too much among the ruins and he never experienced any real danger of being caught, though his parents had warned him of it often. The words that he had found engraved in the ruins had caused him to decide on not getting caught—determining that if Pokemon and humans needed one another, it should be on equal grounds. They had managed before, humans and Pokemon working together in the past before PokeBalls had been created, surely that was how it was meant to be. That’s what he believed, anyway.

Once evolved, he took to enhancing his psychic powers, wanting badly to perfect them solely in order to defend himself and for little more than that. Now capable of flying, he quickly set off to travel about, locating other ruins in which to meditate on and study their structure and any text that he could find that had withstood the years. His make-shift pilgrimage was interrupted from time to time as he spent hours or days carefully watching the sun creep across the sky—a pastime that eventually would lead to his blindness before he could even reach level 50. His psychic ability had grown substantially by then and he could still manage himself, despite his blindness.

Though proud of his power as he grew, he was not so proud as to hold his ground against any Pokemon trainers that happened across him and he was always quick to flee. He did, however, like to watch from a distance, observing humans and how they dealt with their Pokemon partners. Though some where kind, many pushed their Pokemon to their limits, often asking more of them than what they were capable of. And, in time, Eilam grew cynical of such partnerships and remained so for a long while.

It was only when he reached the Pokemon Village that he was willing enough to go out to alter his views. Though stubborn, he had always had a thirst for knowledge, so he quickly decided to acquire and make use of a dittech once he was aware of their existence. He thinks that perhaps interacting with humans while impersonating one of their own will change his outlook on the current situation between them and pokemon.

  • Despite his blindness, he uses his psychic powers to keep his bearings and understand his surroundings—a skill that is especially useful while flying.
  • In both human and pokemon form he has a very particular way of walking that is careful and exceptionally quiet. This is possibly due to him trying to focus his mind on his surroundings.
  • He shares a residence in Lumiose with many other members of Ursa.
  • Due to his job working with herbal remedies, other pokemon living in human society are welcome (in the broadest sense of the word) to come to him for medical aid if they cannot afford it themselves.


  • Reus – housemate
    At face value, one could say that Reus and Eilam clash. For anyone else living in the house, they will tell you that “clash” is an extreme understatement. Eilam will not miss an opportunity to antagonize the wolf and Reus does the same. They create a very tense atmosphere whenever they find themselves in the same room. Eilam definitely does not do this to try to cover up less violent feelings that he definitely does not have towards the other poke.

  • Fern – housemate
    Eilam and Fern connected as friends almost immediately when they met and have been close ever since. Due to his psychic ability, Eilam can technically "speak" to Fern despite her deafness. She’s a very sweet girl and is one of the few who Eilam openly expresses concern and kindness towards. She’s probably the only one that can effectively get Eilam to back down from a fight with Reus.

  • Cari – housemate
    Finds her to be a bit of a dimwitted creature, but she’s tolerable as long as she stays away from him, which isn’t often enough. He cannot understand how Reus tolerates her, but he doubts he could take on two big dogs in a fight so he keeps his mouth shut. For the most part.

  • Gil – housemate
    Though a bit of a fool, he’s honest enough in his kindness that Eilam feels he has no other choice but to trust him. He’s a decent fellow that is always eager enough to please.

  • Argent – housemate
    Another bird. A big dumb bird. Eilam doesn’t know him very well.

  • Blaise – housemate
    For a long while, Eilam thought Blaise was female. He was very shocked to discover otherwise. He considers the boy to be a good kid and since Blaise cooks very good food, Eilam has only gotten more reasons to like him. He does not respond to Blaise’s attempts to break up fights between Eilam and Reus.

  • Ryker – acquaintance
    Though he was strongly against Ryker's mere existence when he first met the Bisharp, but the other poke has managed to win a bit of the old bird's favor. Eilam now thinks that Ryker is a dependable sort of person that can be relied on in a pinch.
  • Allie – acquaintance
    A good kid, if a bit naive. Eilam seems to tolerate his company well enough and enjoys flying with the other bird. Eilam tries to teach Allie what he can about healing herbs, more to pass the time than anything else.

User Info

Time Zone: UTC -08, PST, California
Chat Availability: Mon-Thurs from 19:00-23:00, Fri-Sun from 17:00-00:00, often later. If engaged in an RP, I’ve been prone to just staying up until either I die of exhaustion or the other person logs off. Easy way to get in touch with me is through dA note. Will gladly RP through dA or Skype.

Role-Play Example:
Day-to-day things were easy to deal with. They were expected. He had memorized them to the smallest detail. Even without his sight, it was easy for him to figure which plant he had in his hand. Even without psychic, he guessed that he’d still be able to manage. Everything had its own particularities. This herb had slightly spiny leaves—those were for paralysis. This one smelled almost like mint, but softer and not as sharp. That was for burns. Each one he knew by heart and nearly all of them had been taught to him by his mother.

He was not often sentimental, but he couldn’t deny her effect on his life. She had been sure to teach him everything having to deal with medicinal herbs before he had left home. ‘The only sure way to danger is to venture forwards unprepared’ she had said to him and his siblings on a near daily basis. It had been tiresome, in his youth, but he had since learned the value of her teachings. At least it had provided him a trade so that he could secure himself a job within human society.

A chime at the door indicated someone had stepped inside the small shop and Eilam cast a sightless glare in that direction. “I’m supposing you’re the one who ordered the heal powder, yes? Hurry up then, I haven’t got all day,” the older man snapped, beckoning impatiently at the customer to come closer.

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Siate Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

just needed to say that ok bye
Sableyeguy Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love his human design! He is everything I'd picture in a rough, old man! Fantastic job!
My god I think I'm in love with his face *w*
Wow I love his regal look and feel! Awesome job making him ^^
visiface Dec 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
im not gonna lie. this dude is the coolest ok
id love to rp with you sometime
Sombrasaurus Dec 11, 2013  Student General Artist
 HE'S SO PRETTYyYYY!!!! oomMMGGG congrats in coming in bby *U* <3 gosh i can't wait to see drawings of him <:3c
Meredies Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't normally like more realistic renditions of pokemon, but i love the design you've made for xatu ; ; 
tanachi Dec 5, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Jesus. I always love how you interpret and draw different pokemon.
This is just fabulous~
DingDingy Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
dsfsf Can't wait for his app info *A* Love his design and pissed-off look XD 
KeIdeo Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg that is the most beautiful feral xatu I have ever seen Q A Q
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